Kitchen Design: 5 Kitchen Trends 2022

February 11, 2022

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Stay ahead of this year’s kitchen trends 2022 by reading our predictions. Do you think bright colours that are perfect for Spring will be trending? Something bold? An old trend back in style? No matter your style or budget, you’re sure to be inspired by a kitchen design trend to suit your style.


Keep reading to discover 5 kitchen design trends for 2022.


1. A touch of teal

Teal is such a versatile colour; we have seen teal in bedrooms and bathrooms with an array of bright clashing colours in the past. We predict this trend will move to the kitchen.


Teal accents will be paired with light or bright contrasting colours in 2022. Backsplashes make for the perfect space for a touch of teal, marble or glazed tiling to look incredible behind a grand range cooker. This brings us to our next trend…


kitchen trends 2022
Kitchen by Harvey Jones Photographer: @lauramarinphoto



2. Perfectly pink kitchens

Pink is the new neutral! This incredible kitchen by Harvey Jones combines two kitchen trends 2022 we know will be HUGE this year. Pink kitchens will be all the rage this year (in imparticular light pink shades). This creative colour is fun, fresh and can be incorporated with so many other colours. For example, teal and shades of green look gorgeous with pink.


Light pink is so versatile and the subtle blush makes a kitchen so cosy and inviting. Try using pink for your walls or cabinets! We see enough grey living in the UK, how about you bring some colour into your home?


Some have shied away from pink due to the outdated “rule” blue for boys and pink for girls. In 2022, we are going to be embracing this beautiful colour all year around. 

This gorgeous, luxurious colour will be all over your Pinterest boards very soon. We have seen plenty of blue kitchens, now it's time for pink to take centre stage!  


Choose a magnificent marble backslash

Marble in the kitchen is nothing new, but many designs have moved past flooring or a statement island to a feature wall behind the range cooker!  


Not only is marble luxurious addition to a kitchen design but is stain-resistant and easy to clean, which makes it a practical choice for cooking (make sure to check your manufacturer's specific specifications just in case!).


The distinct natural veins running through marble are a stunning characteristic of this stone and can help break up a plain interior. Light marble adds a light and airy feel to a space whereas dark marble adds drama.


kitchen trends 2022 1
IG credit: @andreawestdesign 



3. Bold black accents

Black is striking, stylish, and diverse. As part of our kitchen trends 2022 predictions, we think adding small touches of black might be what you are looking for to add some interest into a neutral kitchen design. White or light kitchens in my opinion are perfect for this trend as the black accents pop out space.


Choose black shelving, appliances, or cabinetry. ILVE Majestic, Milano and Roma range cookers are available in Gloss Black or Matt Graphite, take a look here.  



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IG credit: @kindandabell



4. The resurgence of warm wood

Welcome back wood! Nature-inspired kitchens are becoming more and more popular. Natural textures and colours work so well in kitchen designs. 


Furthermore, natural wood is warm and tasteful against a white interior, the imperfections within the wood add so much interest to a kitchen design. Nailing this trend is all about the right balance of tones and textures.


In fact, wooden flooring was huge in the 80s and 90s. How about you try complimenting the floor with wooden open shelves, a dining table, or an island!


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IG credit: @laurentanner35



5. Antique additions

I’m always keeping an eye on the rising searches on Pinterest to spot the next interior trend. More and more people have been searching for “Vintage Interiors” over the last couple of months.


Clashing interiors are huge at the moment. Last year, we saw many homes mix metals like gold and silver, as well as mixing styles like Modern Farmhouse designs. As part of our kitchen trends 2022 predictions, I think the mixing of contemporary kitchen designs with retro touches will be huge.


Where to start? Try referring to classic 70's palettes which include soft browns, oranges and pinks! Dusty pink is the perfect colour for a retro kitchen, you could even blend these two trends very easily!


If you want to hop on this trend without changing your current design too much, try bold 70s animal print rugs, vintage appliances, or retro lights! Choosing appliances with a unique feel can add so much character to your kitchen. The ILVE Milano range cooker is inspired by Italian heritage and features gorgeous ornate knobs which would be the perfect choice for this trend.


Additionally, brass and gold touches were a huge trend back in 2020 and give a vintage feel, choose brass knobs for your Milano range cooker and match with brass tap and accessories.


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IG credit: @the_broadmoor_house



Make sure to come back to our blog to see more tips, tricks and inspiration as well as to learn about the latest kitchen trends 2022!

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