6 Large Kitchen Design Ideas

April 11, 2022

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Do you have a larger kitchen, but are unsure of how to use the extra space? There are so many innovative ways to utilise a large kitchen, so if you are searching for some inspiration, keep reading to learn about our 6 large kitchen design ideas.


1. Islands

Who doesn't love the idea of an island? Islands are great multifunctional spaces that are a great choice for spaces of all sizes, especially large kitchens. After all, if you have the space, the bigger the better! 


A larger island not only fills the empty space but can include brilliant features like a mini bar, plug sockets and lots of extra storage space. By choosing to incorporate an island to your spacious kitchen design, you can add wonderful pendant lighting above it, which not only looks incredible but keeps the island lit.  


large kitchen design
(IG) @the_broadmoor_house



2. Dark colours

Deep rich colours are gorgeous in the kitchen, the only issue some have is it can make the space seem smaller! On the other hand, when it comes to large kitchens, darker colours will give your décor the ultimate WOW factor. 


Adding darker colours adds depth, character and a luxurious feel to a design. Some of my favourite ways of using dark colours are by adding a black marble island, glossy dark green tiles, or deep blue cabinetry. Why not try matching your appliances to a dark statement colour?  


Want to get inspired? Click here to check out our customer inspiration gallery.


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3. Large appliances

One of the privileges of having a large kitchen is not being limited in space when choosing your appliances. As I've said before, the bigger the better right? Grand 150cm long-range cookers are a dream come true for any foodie, but they take up a whole lot of space. 


A range cooker as beautiful as the Majestic Milano by ILVE is basically like adding a work of art to your interior. Deep American-sized fridges are also favourited, especially if you have a large family or if you love to entertain.


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(IG) @katewalker_designer



4. Open plan/TV sitting area

You might be working with a larger space as you’ve chosen open-plan living! I come from a family who are on different schedules and rarely get the chance to sit down together to eat, which means our kitchen is our sociable place! 

Cooking used to be a solitary task, but with an open-plan large kitchen design and an added seating area, you can chatter away to your family or watch your favourite Netflix series whilst you cook away.

5. Long dining table

If you love to host, you will have definitely dreamt about owning one long dining table! By having a long table you can fit family and friends in during special occasions like Christmas or birthdays. 


Furthermore, dining room tables aren’t only practical but are a beautiful feature for large kitchens. The table itself can be made of luxurious marble or natural wood and can be easily worked into your décor style. They are also the perfect place for a vase of flowers or a fruit bowl to switch up your décor each season.



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IG credit: @anneellarddesign 


6. A Walk-In Pantry

Who doesn't get overly excited about the thought of an organised pantry!? A walk-in pantry means you can keep your food in one place, and store larger items that you normally couldn't fit in a cupboard. 

Not many homeowners are fortunate enough to give up a chunk of their kitchen due to the size. However, if you do have a large kitchen design, you are in fact one of the 'lucky ones'!


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