9 ways to make your kitchen décor more festive this Christmas

December 23, 2021


Looking for innovative, easy, budget-friendly ways to decorate your kitchen this Christmas? Over the last few years, we have been blown away by how creative ILVE customers are when decorating their homes. Each year their ideas just get better and we felt we had to share our favourite 9 ways to make your kitchen décor more festive this Christmas. We have pulled together beautiful ideas which aren’t costly, can be done last minute and will have your kitchen feeling like Santa’s grotto just in time for Christmas.


1. Festive flowers arrangements

Winter gives you the opportunity to get more creative with your flower arrangements. Christmas bouquets are so classy and unique. Branches with berries, pine branches, pine cones, thistles and rich, darker coloured flowers are just a few of our favourite winter foliage! You don’t need to go to an expensive florist, go out in your garden or a winters walk and collect some wild greenery for your kitchen. 

Photo credit IG: @maricelalopezdesign | Featuring: 70cm Milano range cooker 



2. Wreaths

Wreaths no longer have to hang only on your front door, we have loved the new trend of indoor wreaths. From traditional forever greens to contemporary gold, we are seeing wreaths being incorporated into interiors more and more each year. These can be bought online or you can try and DIY them yourself, this is a great activity to do with the family. 

Photo credit IG: @the_broadmoor_house | Featuring: 90cm Milano range cooker 



3. Decorate above your range cooker

Many range cookers have unused space above them, if you have a faux chimney, or cabinetry above your range, this next tip is for you! Our grand, American-sized Majestic range cooker or our jaw-dropping Milano are naturally the focal point of a kitchen, add Christmas decorations above your range for the ultimate wow factor. Snowflakes, wreaths, fairy lights or lush garlands above the cooking area look fabulous.

Photo credit IG: @arcadianrevival Featuring: 90cm Milano range cooker with RAL colour match 



4. Gold or silver accessories to match range cooker finish

Sparkle season means gold and silver! If you choose Brass or Chrome for your ILVE this is the perfect time of year to time these colours into your décor. Adding gold accessories around your cooker (or even a gold wreath) ties in your existing kitchen and adds subtly festiveness.
Photo credit IG: @hamptonsdiaries | Featuring: 100cm Majestic Milano range cooker 

5. Hop/fry top styling

Decorating your ILVE fry top or hob was an unexpected trend this year and we LOVE it. If you have a fry top pop your Christmas bouquet and vase on it whist you aren’t cooking, this changes up the interior of your kitchen and can easily be lifted off when you need it. 

Photo credit IG: @ahillcountryhome | Featuring: 120cm Majestic Milano range cooker



6. Mini Christmas trees

If you spend any time on Instagram I’m sure you’ve come across these! Mini Christmas trees are amazing if you don’t have loads of space for a big tree. These can help you utilise unused space like a window sill, countertops or a mantlepiece. Do you have a Milano with our brass finish? Why not spray mini-Christmas trees gold or add gold decorations to match!

Photo credit IG: @homeonharbor | Featuring: 100cm Milano range cooker 


7. Festive cooking

Many forget that one of the biggest factors in creating a festive ambiance is scents! One of the biggest triggers in bringing your family and guests back to their favourite Christmas memories is through smell. What is our favourite smell at Christmas? Food! You can always get everyone excited for Christmas by cooking your favourite festive snacks in the oven. Is there anything better that the smells of mince pies baking? If you want festive smells for all day, why not try making your own potpourri! Our wonderful customer @lemongrovelane made a gorgeous stovetop potpourri on her Milano range cooker, watch it here. 
Photo credit IG: @vivietmargot | Featuring: 100cm Milano range cooker 

8. Candles

Candles are amazing for creating a cosy ambiance for your home and there are many reasons why candles are associated with Christmas. In the Middle Ages, a large candle would be lit to represent the north star over Bethlehem and in the Jewish faith 8 candles are lit during Hanukkah, the Festival of light which is also celebrated during winter. No matter your faith, candles always comforting during the dark winter months and are an easy to make your home feel Christmassy. This time of year, why not switch your usual candles for red, green, or sparkly ones! There’s nothing like the soft glow of candles to make the perfect festive atmosphere.

Photo credit IG | Styling: @chitownhouse | Design: @Bespokeredesign | Kitchen of: @adashofmegnut | Featuring: 100cm Milano range cooker 



9. Oranges

You might be thinking “oranges?” but oranges have many links to Christmas and are a great way to create some DIY decorations, Christmas potpourri, and festive snacks! The tradition of leaving an orange inside a stocking starts with Saint Nicholas. So the story goes, Saint Nicholas secretly gave three daughters gold during the night. The three girls were facing hardship and Saint Nichols wanted to help anonymously, he dropped three bags of gold down their chimney and one of the bags fell into a sock left to dry by the fire (this is where the tradition of hanging out stockings on Christmas eve came from). An orange in your stocking on Christmas morning represents the gold from this story! Dried-out oranges decorations are great to create some homemade crafts with your children. Tie a string through them and create beautiful tree decorations, make a garland, or pop them onto your Christmas centerpiece. Not only do they look pretty but they smell amazing too. See all our range cooker styles here! And that’s our 9 ways to make your kitchen décor more festive - we would love to see your kitchen styling make sure to tag us on Instagram @ilveappliances.

Photo credit IG: @lemongrovelane | Featuring: 90cm Milano range cooker 



Merry Christmas! – Love ILVE x

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