Catherine's Complete Guide to ILVE Appliances

July 29, 2020

Catherine's Complete Guide to ILVE Appliances


Welcome to ILVE Appliances' first blog post! My name is Catherine, and over the next coming months, I will be sharing my favourite features of ILVE’s incredible range cookers, ovens, hobs and more. I’m so excited to try out my favourite recipes on their BRAND-NEW 2020 collection. 


I’m here to help break down their technology from a consumer’s point of view.  This blog will give you insight on all things ILVE, be sure to keep an eye out to learn some great tips and tricks.


So, let me begin by introducing you to ILVE. 



ILVE appliances handcraft beautiful range cookers just outside of the incredible Italian city of Venice. For over 50 years they have created gorgeous, sophisticated cookers. They offer so much completely unique to ILVE which I’m dying to share with you all. Their new products feature the latest technology and are a perfect addition to their collection. In the near future, I will be sharing my favourites from the new range in some demonstration videos, so keep an eye out!


I personally think these are some of the most incredible range cookers on the market. With the selection of appliances that they now have, you are sure to find one to perfectly suit your kitchen style. Cooking with an ILVE range cooker is such a great experience, and with the launch of their newest models, cooking just gets easier and more enjoyable. 


With 15 different functions on nearly all of their cookers, it may seem overwhelming to understand which you’d use for what meal or you may overlook some super useful functions. ILVE has made their cookers, ovens and hobs so user friendly and easy to understand, which I’m going to prove over the upcoming months. I can't wait to show off these magnificent appliances as well as share how straightforward it is to cook incredible meals in these top-quality cookers.

Keep up to date with my blog to find your perfect cooker or learn how to make the most of your ILVE appliance.