How To Style A Blue Range Cooker

June 17, 2022

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Choosing a coloured ILVE range cooker is daring and incredibly beautiful if done right, but how DO you style a blue range cooker? Let's begin by talking a little bit about colour theory.


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Colour Theory

What does blue remind you of? A bright summer’s day? The ocean? A sense of serenity or calmness? Adding a tranquil colour to the busyness of the kitchen is something many of us need to help escape from the craziness of day-to-day life. 


Our homes are our sanctuaries and the colour of your interior can be used to alter your mood and energy levels. One thing you'll need to consider is which shade of blue you’d like for your range cooker. 

Styling A Blue Range Cooker

There are so many ways to style a statement range cooker. Furthermore, ILVE’s colour match service means you can choose from an endless amount of RAL shades! So what kind of blue is for you? ILVE’s luxurious “Midnight Blue” is elegant and hugely popular. Maybe you want to go a bit more neutral? Or are you wanting to match your ILVE range cooker to the exact colours in your interior with a colour match? With the abundance of shades available to you, you're certain to find the perfect one for you. 


Before jumping in and ordering your range cooker, consider your décor style and design. Let me show you some of my favourite ways ILVE lovers have styled their blue range cookers.


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Put it in neutral

A blue range cooker doesn’t have to be scary. There are so many stunning shades to work with. Additionally, you can easily add blue to your room's neutral colour palette. This Blue/Grey range cooker is an incredible addition to the off-white room. The gold accents grab the attention in this design whilst the Majestic Milano ILVE's paint is really subtle and suits the neutral tones in this room. 


You could even use blue and grey as neutral shades around the entire kitchen, which is so much more unique than a classic white or grey interior. The hint of blue adds dimension without being too in your face. 


IG Credit: @cohesively @caskro

Deeper than the ocean

A dark blue cooker shouts sophistication. I really think you can add a "Midnight Blue" range cooker to ANY kitchen. This is such a versatile colour and I've seen it used in so many ways. You could choose to add your dark blue cooker to an all-white kitchen. This striking colour adds to a blank canvas and immediately transforms the space. Your range cooker finish option is another element to think about as you can work the metals into your kitchen with handles or accessories.

Insta credit: @mbc.interiordesign & @laurenpressey


Brighten up

Not for the faint-hearted, jump in head first with a bright, bold range cooker. Impossible to ignore, your beautiful blue range cooker will be the talking point for anyone stepping into your kitchen. Additionally, a pop of colour can add so much life to a space, especially if things are looking a little too bland. This is a fun way to add your personality to your kitchen and stand out from the crowd. With such a beautiful appliance as ILVE, it deserves to be the centre of attention. 

Insta credits: @karaadaminteriors and @michealhunterphoto

Connoisseur of clashing colours

Master the art of clashing colours! Where to start? You need a dominant colour and an accent colour, it's up to you which is which. There are certain colours that are made to clash! Some of my favourite pairings are pink and green, indigo and coral, but I'm getting ahead of myself, let's stick to which colours will help style your blue range cooker.


Blue and orange is a favourite of mine which is the perfect mix of cool and warm tones. Blue and yellow are such a wonderful mix. Add touches of yellow throughout your deep blue kitchen like bright stars during a clear night. 


Moreover, pale pink and blue are another gorgeous combination, you can get loads of examples on Pinterest. Having two interior colours throughout your kitchen can make having a blue cooker less "scary" as the blue flows throughout the room and the accents draw attention. Match your range cooker to a dominant blue and complement it with your favourite accent colour. 


I love how this kitchen has such a mix of colours. The Blue range cooker looks lovely with this green cabinetry, whilst the rug pulls it all together as the red compliments their warm wooden features so well. Everyone needs more colour in their life.


Insta credit: @nkliving_1

Blending in

Why stop at the cooker? Blue is an incredible colour for kitchen cabinetry. Choose a navy range cooker and match it to your units. This is a gorgeous and sophisticated way of making navy the main colour for your space. 

I love how this design has added more navy through the clock and accessories. You could do this with any range cooker colour, simply find the RAL colour shade you have chosen for your ILVE Milano or Majestic and paint your cabinetry the same colour, or you could even try a feature wall!

Insta credit: @sc_weir_cabinets & @roger_thompson_photography


Cool off

An icy blue is subtle and serene. If you love grey in the kitchen, consider this colder blue. An icy blue is so beautiful and adds colour and depth to the design without being overpowering or distracting! 


This kitchen has added warmth back into the design through its brass/gold finishes and warm wooden floors and accents. Paired with white cabinetry, this keeps your kitchen feeling spacious and airy.

Insta credit: @seward_plantation


Throwing shade

Mix it up! If you aren’t afraid of mixing colours, try adding different shades of blue throughout your decor. From light and airy to dark and mysterious: this idea gives you so much freedom when shopping for home furniture or accessories to add to your 50 shades of blue kitchen. Top tip: Add drops of blue around the kitchen like rain, whether that's with rugs, kitchen stools or even flowers.


Insta credit: @arcadianrevival


Styling Range Cookers with ILVE

After maybe white, blue is one of the most popular colours for the kitchen. Choosing a blue range cooker is an innovative way to use this calming colour in 2022. Whether you use your range cooker as a statement piece or to coordinate with your interior, you're certain to fall in love with it. Feeling blue has never felt better! Keep up to date with the latest kitchen trends by following our Instagram @ilveappliances.

For more information on our range cookers, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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