How to style a white and gold range cooker

February 09, 2021

How to style a white and gold range cooker


White and Gold was a huge trend in 2020 and is becoming more and more popular! I am so obsessed with this gorgeous combination. My new dream range cooker is a white and gold Milano ILVE range cooker, which has a more traditional feel to it and looks stunning in the classic combination of colours. To create a "white and gold" look, choose ILVE's "Brass" trim finish on a "White" coloured Milano or Majestic range cooker. Whilst daydreaming about my fantasy cooker, I have been thinking about how I’d style my kitchen to match. If you have been umming and aahing about whether you should choose this unique combination, feel free to steal my imaginary décor ideas to help you! What is great about this colour and finish combination is that it will suit any style of kitchen. The white is modern and fresh – perfect for any contemporary kitchen décor. The gold trim gives this cooker an antique flavour, a gorgeous choice to add character to your kitchen.


A touch of Gold

One way to style this incredible cooker, would be to add gold hues throughout your kitchen. @vaycaco did a beautiful job of this by adding a gold utility rail, gold knobs to the cabinetry plus gold salt and pepper shakers. Gold is a warm tone, so if you add this cooker to a plain white kitchen, it’s a great way to bring warmth in. The gold finish ties in the warm wood to this kitchen’s overall look.

White and Gold cooker- Image of a Milano range cooker in the colour with with a brass finish.

Adding colour

You can’t go wrong with a white kitchen. Adding a white appliance gives a plain white kitchen such a stylish finish. Just take a look at, @georgiastreetdesign. White tiles, white marble island with white cabinets. The gold again breaking it up and tying in the wood beautifully. Be brave and add a pop of colour! @campbell_cabinetry_designs  created the most wonderful kitchen featuring a white and gold majestic. Look how amazing these bright pink pots look on this cooker. This is such a simply way to add different tones into the kitchen. How pretty are these pink utensils and salt and pepper shaker!


White and Gold cooker- Image of an ILVE Majestic range cooker in white with a brass finish.

Mixing Metals

Don’t be afraid to mix metals. Who says silver can’t with gold? Mixing metals is a great way to add character and depth into a space. The trick is to have a warm tone and a cool tone. Silver and Gold are a classic combination, which make the most interesting contrast. Kitchens that only stick to one or two colours can prove a little plain and you might get bored! Adding silver and gold gives you such freedom when shopping for pieces for your home.



White and Gold cooker- Image of a white ILVE milano range cooker with a brass finish.



Mis-matched décors are all the rage, but there is definitely is a method to the madness. When done well, these are some of the most breath-taking kitchens. No longer do you need to choose a safe stainless steel or black range cooker which blends in. White and Gold is a choice that is sure to get your guests talking. Gold is always going to be a classic finish which makes any kitchen look luxurious. White range cookers are such a wonderful way to match your backsplash or wall colour. I look forward to seeing more and more white and gold ILVE range cookers on Instagram. If you have any questions or want any additional information on our gorgeous range cookers please give ILVE an email at


White and Gold cooker - Image of a Majestic range cooker in the colour white with the brass finish.


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