How to style green into your kitchen

May 24, 2021

How to style green into your kitchen


Green has definitely been one of the dominating trending colours for kitchens in 2021. Hues of green can be used in so many interesting ways, but this colour also provides a sense of calm into the kitchen, which everyone needs! If you’d like to learn how people have been using shades of green this Spring, keep reading.


Green cabinets and Induction Milano range cooker

Pick your favourite shade and go with it

Green is such a versatile colour and we have seen it inkitchens all shapes, sizes, and themes. Sage, emerald, mint and emerald have been some of the many favourites. It is a wonderful way to bring freshness and a feeling of nature into the home. Spring is the perfect time to revamp your decor, I can’t get of green this time of year. Firstly, decide if you want an earthy sage or a luxurious emerald and try to stick to it. Having the same shade of green throughout the décor is a gorgeous way to bring life into a dull kitchen.

Green and White kitchen

Feature Walls for the win

Don’t be scared of the darker shades, I have seen a stunning trend of kitchens with a dark green feature wall paired with gold mirrors and picture frames. This rich colour brings out the gold or any other colours you decide to pair with it. Wood furniture is the perfect pairing if you choose a darker green for your home.

Create a living space with plants

You can’t have too many plants in your home, they are the easiest way to bring green and nature into your kitchen. Plus, if you’re at all like me and enjoy changing up your décor every few months, moving your plants' positioning around your house can completely change up the feeling of the room if you’re bored!

Out with monochrome cabinetry, go green

I have loved seeing green cabinetry. If you have a smaller space, why not try sage or mint to keep the kitchen fresh and bright. If you have a bigger kitchen that needs some colour, dark green is a luxurious choice. Pair your cabinets with gold handles and knobs - you won’t regret it!

Mint and Pink kitchen  

Dare to clash

Pairing Green with a contrasting colour looks incredible, be bold! Light Pink walls are super stylish. Dark green cabinets and light pink walls are a match made in heaven! For lighter greens, add blue to the décor,  these two calming colours work beautifully together and exaggerate that feeling of the outside.

Green Appliances

Add pops of green throughout the kitchen by choosing green appliances. Kettles, fridges, sofas or even range cookers can all be chosen in your preferred shade. ILVE’s Majestic and Milano range cookers have a gorgeous emerald green colour that comes as a standard choice. Pair this with their brass knobs and you can easily tie both these colours in to your décor. Want to go brighter? ILVE’s colour match service means you have the choice of every green you can think of, pick bright parakeet green to contrast room your kitchen or a subtle pistachio to match your paint perfectly. Green is known for the feeling of envy, if you add this colour into your décor- everyone will be jealous of your amazing style.

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