The most popular kitchen layouts in 2021

September 14, 2021

The most popular kitchen layouts in 2021

Over the last 18 months, we have spent more time in our homes than ever before. During this weird time, many of us have analysed every single room and dreamt about renovating. The first room on most people's list is the kitchen! Suddenly cooking three meals a day and spending each evening socialising around the dining room table has made many of us realise how important is to have the right appliances, kitchen layout, and décor. My kitchen is the social hotspot of our home, and I am desperate to transform this space. But where do you start?  The layout of the kitchen is so important and is the best place to begin. After some research, here is what I found on which 2021 kitchen layout trends have been most loved this year and why!


Kitchen Layouts; make it work for you!

When choosing your kitchen layout, you need to be clever by utilising the space available to its full potential. It is so important to consider all layout options to ensure the space is as ergonomic, but also aesthetically pleasing as possible. The biggest influence on this choice is personal preference. If you’re an avid cook you’ll choose a layout that prioritises moving around the cooking area as easily as possible. If you have a larger family or love to socialise you may choose an island as the heart of the kitchen. No matter the size you are working with, there are so many options to consider - just make sure it works for your lifestyle!


Single wall

A one-wall layout works great for smaller kitchens, the perfect combination of simplicity and functionality. By having all your storage and appliances on a single wall, you open up the room and have more freedom to walk around. Tips – Think upwards! Utilise the space in a smaller kitchen by having storage vertically. If your cabinetry doesn’t go to the ceiling, why not try using the space left to display your favourite wines?

White and gold range cooker ILVE, decor styling garlic vase and kettle pot IG credit: @vaycay


Island Kitchen Layout

Kitchen islands have been a huge trend in 2021 and are only becoming more popular. I love a kitchen island as this area is so versatile. Not only for socialising and dining but they can feature mini-fridges, electricity points and be used as a food preparation area. Tips – Decorate your island with a fruit bowl or floral arrangement, it breaks up the units and can be an easy way to change up your décor. Add dramatic feature lights above the island to create the perfect mood lighting ready for hosting!

Marble island, bold floor tiles, pendant light and stainless steel range cooker IG credit: @jenzafros



Peninsula kitchens are perfect if you have dreamt of an island but don’t have the space. This kitchen layout features a smaller island but one end is connected to a wall – all the benefits of an island but taking up significantly less space. This type of kitchen can make cooking preparation a sociable time! Tips – Add cabinetry into the island, this will utilise the space in your smaller kitchen without closing the room whatsoever.Marble kithcne, grey marble island, gray marble back splash, gold feature light and black range cooker IG credit: @lyonsstudio, photography by @kylejcaldwell


The U-Shaped Kitchen Layout 

A U-shaped kitchen layout is great for larger spaces.  With three/two walls of cabinetry, there is plenty of storage space for a big family. The work triangle works perfectly in this space- place your range cooker at the far end with the fridge opposite the sink on the two walls! Plenty of room for multiple family members to move around helping to prep dinner. Tips – have your focal point at the end of the kitchen, your eyes naturally go to the far end so it’s the perfect spot to place a gorgeous range cooker. I wouldn’t suggest this style of kitchen if you have a smaller space it could make the room feel boxy,  but you can cabinetry to make the kitchen feel more open! White kitchen, gold hanle, white cabinetry, satinless steel range cooker, pink floral flower arrangemnts, stainless steel range cooker ILVE IG credit: @maricelalopzezdesign


L Shaped

An L shaped kitchen layout is extremely versatile and can work for any size of the kitchen. This layout is great as it gives more floor space than the U design and keeps the room feeling light and airy. Tips – keep your cupboards light to keep give the illusion of more space! If you have a larger kitchen you can also add an island to this layout to create a social area.Black accents decor, black shelves shelving, white kitchen cabinetry, plant decoration styling, black range cooker ILVE, woodern flooring IG credit: @kindandabell


Gallery Kitchen Layout

A gallery kitchen forms a walkway and allows an abundance of storage on either side of your kitchen. This style means you utilise every inch of space and is great for small kitchens but can also work wonderfully for larger spaces. Add an island to your gallery layout to add more storage and worktop space. Tips- This kitchen layout forces your eyes to the end of the “corridor”, use this space wisely. Add some beautifully styled shelving or place your range cooker at the end, add something you’ll love to look at.

exposed woodern beams, grean teal cabinetry, blue decor, white kitchen, patterned kitchen rug, gold handles, woodern island and blue range cookeer ILVE majestic IG credit: @nkliving_1

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