Introduction to Made with ILVE

December 01, 2020

Introduction to Made with ILVE

Welcome to “Made with ILVE”. I’m Catherine, and over the coming months, me and my colleagues will be trying out all sorts of recipes to show you all of the different functions that you can use on an ILVE cooker. We are not professional cooks or bakers, but thought it would be fun to show you how everyone, even inexperienced cooks can create incredible meals with the help of ILVE.

ILVE appliances provide you with an incredible range of functions. There is a cooking function for everything, no matter what your style of cooking is! Not only will we be cooking up a storm with various ILVE, range cookers, hobs and ovens but I will be sharing other people’s ILVE’s cooking creations and give you insight as to which ILVE function they have used. With so many functions, it is easy to forget, or not to know what they are all for, so I am going to work my way through as many as I can and demonstrate how perfectly cooked your food will be with the correct setting.

ILVE range cookers are some of the most breath-taking cookers you’ll ever see. With their beauty, people forget that these are every chef’s dream to cook on.

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