ILVE unveil their impressive built-in cooking appliance collection

Posted on January 11, 2017 by Liz Foy

ILVE are pleased to announce the addition of an exciting collection of premium built-in cooking appliances. The extensive range of high performance built-in ovens and hobs is divided into 3 core styles which match to ILVE’s range cooker collection. The ILVE Built-In range now includes the Milano collection which features traditional Italian styling and a range of colours and finishes, and the Roma collection which has a sleek, modern look. Included for the first time is the Slim Collection: a stylish range of co-ordinated appliances, designed to offer maximum flexibility of cooking.

Roma Built-In Collection

The Roma collection of built-in appliances includes both gas burner hobs and multifunction ovens. Reflecting a sophisticated modern Italian style and co-ordinating with the Roma rangecooker collection, the Roma built-in models have a stainless steel body and finish. With ovens available in 60cm, 70cm, 80cm and 90cm widths and 7 different hob combinations to choose from, the Roma collection makes a stunning addition to any kitchen size or design.

The 900WE3 90cm Roma Twin Built-In Oven is ILVE’s bestselling model in the UK due to its useful configuration of 2 multi-function ovens side-by-side. The 900WE3 is the ideal built-in oven for busy households as the range cooker-style layout of the ovens allows for multiple meals to be cooked at the same time.

The 900WE3 has a 53.4 litre internal capacity and 9 cooking functions in the left hand oven and a 30.8 litre internal capacity and 5 cooking functions including a rotisserie in the right hand oven. Both ovens have ILVE’s precision E3 digital temperature control, energy saving internal oven lights and fully programmable timers. The 900WE3 has a number of safety features including a double child lock, triple glazed cool- to- touch oven doors and a fascia cooling fan making it an ideal appliance for a busy family kitchen.


900WE3 90cm Roma Twin Built-In Oven


Milano Built-In Collection

The Milano collection of built-in cooking appliances reflects traditional Italian style and flair with decorative handles and knobs and a large assortment of colour options available. With both multi-function ovens and gas hobs in matching finishes and a selection of sizes, the Milano collection is the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

The 700CE3 70cm Milano Single Built-In Oven is a high performance ILVE multi-function oven with 9 cooking functions including a full width rotisserie fitting and a quick start rapid heat up setting. The 700CE3 has E3 digital temperature control and a fully programmable oven timer. With a triple glazed, cool to touch oven door, 78.6 litre internal capacity and a child lock function, the 700CE3 is versatile built-in oven which is the perfect addition to a busy household.  

700CE3 70cm Milano Single Built-In Oven


Slim Built-In Collection

The ILVE Slim collection of appliances now include specialist cooking products such as an electric pizza oven, pyrolytic oven, combi-microwave, steam oven and warming drawer. The Slim Collection feature a distinctive stainless steel and black glass design with a large digital display and an easy to use control knob.

The 645SLVE4 60cm Slim 645 Single Built-In Pizza Oven utilises specialist internal furniture which is designed to cook fresh pizzas under authentic cooking conditions in 6 minutes. Included with the pizza oven is a specially constructed baking shelf, wooden pizza panel and mesh pizza trays for transferring pizzas easily into the oven. As well as having 8 classic ILVE multi-function oven programs, the 645SLVE4 has temperatures which reach up to 400°C and has traditional oven shelves included making this a versatile appliance. The 645SLVE4 60cm Slim 645 Single Built-In Pizza is the perfect addition to a busy household and will be the centrepiece for those who love to cook fresh, Italian style pizzas.

645SLVE4 60cm Slim 645 Single Built-In Pizza




The Majestic Collection launches in the UK

Posted on June 22, 2016 by Liz Foy

ILVE are delighted to announce the introduction of their prestigious new range cooker collection; The Majestic.

Released in the UK for the first time in 2016, the Majestic Collection from ILVE is comprised of 2 core styles - the Majestic Milano; with traditional Italian styling with either chrome or brass trim and the Majestic Roma which features contemporary flair with stainless steel trim and handles. Both Majestic styles are available in a choice of 8 standard colour options and can be colour matched to an additional 200 RAL colour choices as an optional extra.

Majestic Milano 90cm 4 Gas Burners with Fry Top in Burgundy and Chrome

The Majestic cookers have an increased depth and width which is complimented by a curved design. The extra depth allows the range cooker to become the focal point in the kitchen and with the two Majestic styles to choose from, there is a Majestic range cooker to suit any kitchen design.

Also introduced with the new range cooker designs is the impressive Majestic cooker hood. The Majestic hood is available in colours and widths to match the Majestic collection perfectly and includes new high performance features that increase productivity in the kitchen area. Not only does the new Majestic cooker hood have a powerful  1000m³h extraction rate, the hood also has infra-red heat lamps fitted to the underside that,  coupled with the stainless steel splash back and plate rack, keep food warm whilst preparing meals.

The Majestic models are an exciting addition to ILVE’s selection of range cookers and include extra features which are not currently found on ILVE’s renowned Roma and Milano cookers.

The ILVE Majestic Collection is available to order now with a standard lead time of 4 – 6 weeks for delivery.

Majestic Roma 100cm 4 Gas Burners with Coup de Feu in Green


  • E3 Precision Temperature Control: Majestic electric ovens feature ILVE’s unique E3 precision temperature control via the digital display, which allows oven temperatures to reach between 30°C and 300°C.
  • Dual Ring Burners fitted as standard: Each Majestic range cooker includes a dual ring burner fitted as standard. The Dual Ring Burner has the unique ability to control each ring separately with a power output of between 370 Watts and 5000 Watts.
  • Soft Close Storage Drawer: The Majestic features a full width storage drawer at the base of the cooker which now includes a soft-close function.
  • Cooking Probe: A programmable cooking probe which monitors the internal cooking temperature of food is fitted to each Majestic.
  • Increased Depth: The Majestic has an increased depth of 700mm which is complemented with a stylish curved body for a
  • Range hood with infra-red heat lamps: Coordinating colour and width cooker hoods with infra-red heat lamps to keep food warm during cooking.
  • Gas oven options available: The Majestic range can be customised to include either single gas ovens or hybrid models with both gas ovens and electric ovens.
  • 8 Standard Colour options: The Majestic Roma and Milano models are available in Stainless Steel, Matt Black, White, Cream, Burgundy, Midnight Blue and Emerald Green.


ILVE Range Cookers – The Facts

Posted on April 28, 2016 by Liz Foy

Choosing a new range cooker is a big decision as your new cooker can become the centre of your kitchen universe.

We have put together this short quiz that helps to explain why an ILVE range cooker could just be the cooker that you have been looking for.

 Which of these hob configurations are not available on ILVE range cookers?

  1. Gas burners with cast iron fry top griddle
  2. Gas burners with 2 central induction zones
  3. Gas burners with electric fryer
  4. Gas burners with built- in kitchen sink

ANSWER:  Gas burners with built- in kitchen sink

ILVE hobs have so many different options available that it seems that the only thing missing is the kitchen sink! Other options available include a French style coup de feu, electric barbecue and long fish burner.


On 100cm wide range cookers, the right electric hand oven can be interchanged with which following option?

  1. Small cupboard
  2. 1000W combi Microwave grill
  3. Wood burning stove
  4. Dishwasher

ANSWER: 1000W combi Microwave grill

ILVE 100cm wide twin range cookers have the unique ability to have an optional Microwave grill in the right hand oven rather than a standard electric oven with rotisserie.


How quickly do ILVE multifunction ovens heat up to 200°C?

  1. 6 minutes
  2. 6 hours
  3. 6 days
  4. 6 weeks

ANSWER: 6 minutes

The ovens on ILVE range cookers can heat up to 200°C in just 6 minutes!


ILVE range cookers are very easy to clean. Which of these features are not available on ILVE cookers?

  1. Catalytic oven liners to the sides, rear and even roof of the oven
  2. Easily removable oven doors to aid cleaning
  3. Removable individual cast iron pan supports and solid brass burners
  4. Maid service to wipe down cooker exterior

ANSWER: Maid service to wipe down cooker exterior

As much as we’d all like a personal maid service to clean our kitchens, most of us have to clean the oven ourselves. ILVE Roma and Milano range cookers have a number of features that make cleaning your cooker a doddle such as the handy catalytic oven liners that clean your oven for you.



Induction hob technology is becoming increasingly popular on range cookers. One of the following statements does not relate to ILVE cookers – which one?

  1. ILVE produce 60cm wide rangecookers with full induction hobs.
  2. ILVE’s 100cm wide range cookers are unique as they can include 6 zone induction hobs
  3. ILVE does not believe in induction cooking and is not at the forefront of cooking technology
  4. ILVE have created the first range cooker to combine both gas burners and induction technology on one hob

ANSWER: ILVE does not believe in induction cooking and is not at the forefront of cooking technology

ILVE has one of the largest and most varied collection of range cookers with induction technology and are constantly working on adding to the range. With full induction hob tops on 60cm, 90cm and 100cm range cookers and a unique combination of gas burners and induction zones on one hob, you can be sure to find an induction range cooker to suit your style. 



Safety in the kitchen is major priority when choosing appliances. Which of these safety features are not standard on ILVE range cookers?

  1. Flame safety devices
  2. Cool to touch oven doors and control knobs
  3. Child safety locks for ovens and Induction hobs
  4. Burglar alarms

ANSWER: Burglar alarms

Safety in the kitchen is very important to ILVE and a number of safety features are included on each and every range cooker that we produce.



There could be a lead time for an ILVE range cooker of up to 6 weeks. Is this because…?

  1. ILVE likes to keep people waiting
  2. ILVE’s 2 man delivery team have incredible holiday allocation
  3. ILVE have lost your range cooker
  4. ILVE cookers are hand built in Italy to order by master craftsmen, using only the finest components and materials

ANSWER: ILVE cookers are hand built in Italy to order by master craftsmen, using only the finest components and materials

With each range cooker built to order in ILVE’s Italian headquarters, there may be a small wait before your new cooker arrives. Once your cooker arrives in our warehouse, our 2 man delivery team will arrange a suitable date for delivery.



ILVE cookers are built to last for years to come, however sometimes you may need a helping hand. One of these statements is not true of ILVE appliances – which one?

  1. A 2 Years warranty on parts and labour is included as standard
  2. A dedicated UK service team is ready to speak to you on the phone
  3. A 2 man delivery team will unpack your cooker, fit the legs and take the packaging material away and check that your cooker is in great condition
  4. ILVE can arrange for a personal chef to come and cook all your meals for you

ANSWER: ILVE can arrange for a personal chef to come and cook all your meals for you

ILVE appliances come with a 2 year warranty on parts and labour so you can be safe in the knowledge that we are here to support you in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.


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ILVE introduces a new colour matching service for range cookers

Posted on April 15, 2016 by Liz Foy

Known throughout the world for their fantastic breadth of choice in range cooker features, ILVE have now launched a colour matching service which allows range cookers to be customised in over 200 colour tones.

With a huge selection of hob and oven configurations and 8 standard colour options already available to choose from, ILVE range cookers now have the further option to be finished in a custom colour choice. The new colour matching feature is now available in the UK for ILVE’s premium Roma and Milano range cooker collections.

By simply choosing from the large RAL colour spectrum, range cookers can be customised to match your kitchen. Designed with the discerning home-chef in mind, the Roma and Milano collection of range cookers can be can be truly built to reflect the way that each individual customer cooks and uses their appliance.

Available from January 2016, the ILVE colour matching service is perfect for those wishing to inject their own personality and style into their kitchen.

ILVE have been building high quality range cookers for over 60 years at their Italian factory near Venice. Renowned throughout the world for innovative cooking technology and robust cooking appliances, ILVE range cookers can be ordered from over 100 authorised ILVE dealers throughout the UK.

Take me to Colour Matching for Range cookers

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Finally, precision temperature control in a range cooker

Posted on November 16, 2015 by John Etherington

ILVE are pleased to announce the addition of precision, digital temperature control in their collection of bespoke rangecookers. New for 2015 and widely available throughout the UK, the new E3 feature allows for accurate control of oven temperatures which now reach from 30°C to an impressive 300°C.


The ILVE difference

Renowned for innovative cooking technology throughout the world, ILVE have accomplished adding advance features to their rangecookers which are usually reserved for the realm of built-in ovens. The new improved temperature control feature has so far been lacking from the range cooker market – no longer do consumers have to endure inaccurate cooking conditions.

Jason Harris, director of KitchenEX – the exclusive UK importers of ILVE remarks: “With the boom in home baking since The Great British Bake Off, consumers are more savvy when choosing their cooking appliances. For those looking for the same technology in a range cooker as is currently available in built- in appliances, consumers may have struggled to find a suitable product. With the introduction of the new E3 feature, precision cooking is now available to the rangecooker consumer.”

Technology you can trust

Combined with the impressive ILVE oven features such as quick start rapid heat up and catalytic oven liners, the E3 feature results in a professional quality home cooker. Triple glazed doors and fascia cooling technology mean that even at the highest temperature of 300°C, the doors and control knobs are cool to the touch. Durably constructed and available with a wide choice of hob configurations and accessories to suit any home chef’s demands, ILVE rangecookers are the perfect choice for the discerning cook.

ILVE rangecookers are now widely available with the E3 feature. Available across the Milano, Roma and Roma SD collections – E3 advanced technology is available on cookers ranging from 60cm wide through to 150cm.  With 6 zone induction hobs and even the option of adding a multifunction microwave, Harris comments; “Consumers no longer need to compromise on technology when choosing a rangecooker – ILVE have succeeded in closing the gap between built-in appliances and freestanding rangecookers.”

How to choose the best range cooker to suit the way you cook.

Posted on January 14, 2015 by John Etherington

Range cooker with frytop hob


With so many options and models of range cookers available, it is a good idea to work out exactly what functions and features you would like from your new appliance to ensure you choose the best range cooker for you.

Key points to take into account when choosing a new range cooker:


Range cookers vary in size from a slim 60cm model to the robust 150cm versions. If you have a small kitchen space, a small range cooker may be more convenient. However, the extra 10cms between a 90cm range cooker and a 100cm range cooker can make a huge difference in the extra features that are available to choose.


Range cookers are often available in an array of different colours and finishes. It is important to see a colour swatch for your desired cooker, especially if you are looking to match colours to the rest of your kitchen. You should be wary of trying A contrasting colour range cooker can look fantastic – consider a gloss black range cooker set against your cream cabinets for a dramatic effect.

Oven Capabilities:

It is important to consider oven sizes and features when choosing the best range cooker to suit your cooking style. With ILVE in particular, you could choose a cooker with a single oven or twin oven; with the option to add a separate grill, all on the same range cooker. Having a variety of different ovens in one station means that cooking demanding meals like roast dinners and complicated deserts is made easier by choosing a range cooker with the best oven combination to suit you.

Fuel type:

Many range cookers now have the ability use dual fuel, meaning that you can easily choose a combination of gas and electric cooking power. A common combination is a gas hob with an electric oven, allowing you to benefit from the speed and control of a gas hob with the steadiness of an evenly heating electric oven. You may however also choose a gas oven or an induction hob, the choice is down to your preference.

Hob Options:

As with built-in hobs, some range cookers have the ability to have a tailored hob to meet your own specifications. The ILVE Roma and Milano collections of range cookers can be customised to include a number of different hob configurations and cooking features that can make cooking easier and more fun for the discerning chef at home.

 Features to look out for include a fry top hot plate, ribbed griddles, a French style Coup de feu burner with multiple rings of varying heat, an electric BBQ for grilling and even an electric basket fryer. You could also opt to have a mix of both gas hobs and induction for those who want the best of both hobs types on their range cooker.

Finding the right range cooker

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a new range cooker, however the benefits of having a cooking station that perfectly complements your personal cooking preferences greatly outweighs the time spent making your initial research.

After all, a high quality range cooker such as those hand-built in Italy by ILVE could be with you for many years to come! Take a look at the Roma range to get an idea of the full scope of range cooker options available with ILVE. 


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The advantages of induction hob range cookers

Posted on October 06, 2014 by John Etherington

You may have heard of an ‘induction range cooker’ but not know precisely what this means, and how this differs from a standard range cooker. Induction cooking doesn’t use the traditional method of heating a hob which is infrared radiation generated from a gas flame or from electrical wires. Range cookers with an induction hob use an alternating electrical current to create something called an ‘eddy current’ which in turn produces resistive heating- and that’s how the food gets cooked. This intuitive method of heating is safer, quicker and more effective than traditional heating methods.


Extra safe with an induction hob range cooker

Induction hobs are particularly popular amongst customers as they are much safer than traditional hobs. There are two main reasons for this: the first is that induction heating is completely flameless, so you are free from the risks associated with a naked flame in the kitchen.

The second reason that induction cooking is so much safer is that only the pan itself is heated, not the surrounding area. This is because a magnetic field is generated between the hob and the pan so the plate itself does not become hot. The hob will actually shut down if there is nothing placed on it so there’s no more worrying about accidentally leaving it on! These safety features are brilliant if you have small children running around the kitchen and are worried about them harming themselves.


Easier to clean

Tired of scrubbing round the curves and indents of a traditional hobs? A range cooker with an induction hob consists of one completely flat surface, making it easy to wipe clean after a messy bolognese or unruly tomato soup.


Quicker cooking

You might not believe it, but induction hobs actually cook your food quicker than regular gas or electric hobs. Induction hobs heat up more quickly, provides greater thermal efficiency ensuring much less energy is wasted and also they produce a more consistent level of heat.

Feel free to browse our wide range of induction hob range cookers