HP9656D / HP965FD 90cm Roma Freestanding Gas Hob

The 90cm Roma freestanding hob is easy to install, with no cut out required.  Choose from 2 hob configurations options, including 6 gas burners or 4 gas burners with a stainless steel fry top griddle.

The HP965 models feature an angled control panel, with ILVE's contemporary styled professional knobs, available in stainless steel with a satin knob finish.

The burners have a continuously adjustable flame from minimum to maximum, and electric ignition integrated into the knobs.



The HP9656D features 6 high-quality burners with individual cast iron pan supports.



The HP906D features 4 high-quality burners, individual cast iron pan supports and a stainless steel fry top griddle.

Hob Cofiguration

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6 Burners

Large burner

3 x 2.6 kW
Small burner
2 x 1.8 kW
Dual burner
1 x 4.5 kW

Fry Top

Large burner

2 x 2.6 kW
Small burner
1 x 1.8 kW
Dual burner
1 x 4.5 kW
Fry top plate
1 x 3.1kW