Roma 120cm 70/40 Twin Dual Fuel Range Cooker

PSW1207E3 : PSW120FE3 : PSW120SE3 : PSW120FRE3 : PSW120BE3

The Roma 120cm wide 70 / 40 split range cooker is comprised of a left hand 67.3 Litre multifunction oven and a right hand 43.7 litre conventional oven. Both ovens come with the rotisserie fitting.

The Roma 120cm is equipped with the new E3 precision digital temperature control in all ovens and has stay-clean oven liners fitted to the roof, sides and rear of the oven. The Roma 120cm wide cooker has a full width storage drawer, adjustable stainless steel feet and has triple glazed, cool to touch oven doors.

The Roma 120cm 70/40 is available in a selection of colours including Gloss Black, White and Cream and has modern, stainless steel handles and trim.

The Roma 120cm Dual Fuel range cooker can be configured with one of the following hob options:

  • PSW1207E3 7 Gas Burners
  • PSW120SE3 5 Gas Burners with Coup de Feu
  • PSW120FE3 6 Gas Burners with Fry Top
  • PSW120FRE34 Gas Burners with Electric Fryer and Fry Top

The ILVE 120cm wide range cooker is also available in the Milano collection.

Download the 70 / 40 Split Product Dimensions Here

    • A Rated for Energy efficiency • Triple glazed doors • Stay clean oven liners • Fascia cooling • Metal controls • Programmable timer • 67.3 litre left hand oven and 43.7 litre right hand oven  Storage drawer • Child Safety Lock • E3 Precision digital temperature control
    • Installation
      1200mm Wide • 860-910mm High • 600mm Deep •  Max Load W :  PSW1207E3 = 5300 , PSW120FE3 = 5300 , PSW120SE3 = 5300 , PSW120FRE3 = 7600 • LPG convertible • Levelling feet

      7 Gas Burners / 6 Gas Burners with Fry Top Griddle / 5 Gas Burners with Coup de Feu / 4 Gas Burners with Fry top and Electric Fryer • Flame safety devices • Electronic ignition • Individual cast-iron pan supports • Solid Brass Burners • LPG Convertible • Gas Burner Accessories Available

      Left Oven Functions
      Pizza and Bread Setting • Conventional Oven • Lower Element (Slow Cooker) • Upper Element (Browning) • Standard Grill • Fan Grill • Roasting Oven (Fan Assisted) • Baking Oven (True Fan Oven) • ECO Cooking

      Right Oven Functions
      Conventional Oven • Lower Element (Slow Cooker) • Upper Element (Browning) • Standard Grill • Rotisserie

      Standard Accessories
      2 Wire shelves in left oven  • Rotisserie Fittings and 1 wire shelf in right hand oven 

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