About ILVE

ILVE have been building beautiful cooking appliances for over 50 years. Using the latest methods in precision engineering and on-going technical research into cooking science, ILVE are at the forefront of the industry. Established as one of the finest manufactures of cooking products worldwide, ILVE provide professional grade cooking appliances that are designed for the modern home. Located near the magnificent Italian city of Venice, ILVE products are handcrafted by talented Italian craftsemnt using the finest materials.

ILVE Products

At ILVE, we offer an extensive collection of both range cookers and built-in appliances. Built with an exceptionally high level of detail, reliability and functionality, ILVE showcase an impressive selection of products. With a choice of styles, colours and sizes, you’re sure to find an appliance suitable for your home.

ILVE have one of the largest selection of Rangecookers on the market with sizes from 60cm all the way up to the mighty 150cm.

With a variety of collections which include contemporary, traditional or American styling, along with a choice of hob tops and oven configurations, the options are impressive.

As well as choice, when you purchase an ILVE appliance, you will also have at your disposal, digital, precision temperature control along with multi-function ovens with a setting to cook every dish perfectly.