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"If a cookie recipe says it'll take 30 minutes, it will take 30 minutes.."

First of all, I love the design and it's very easy to use! This is my 2nd ILVE range cooker. I moved from a larger one to the my current one 13 years ago. The model I have now is 90cm, this is due to having a smaller kitchen. This model is also very good! I love the induction as it's easy to clean and you can heat up water very quickly. The oven is perfect, if a cookie recipe says it takes 30 minutes, it will take 30 minutes and bake evenly!

- @Jessicapafargerike

"The grill has completely dispelled any reservations about electric grills.."

As someone who takes their cooking and baking very seriously, a good cooker is a must! My Ilve Milano certainly fits the bill. My favourite oven feature is its ability to get to temperature so quickly, the hob is gas - so another favourite (and necessary) feature that gets the thumbs up from me. And the grill? Well the grill has completely dispelled any reservations about electric grills (I used all gas appliances for cooking before I got my Ilve) - again, it’s quick to get to temperature, and the grilling itself is even.

- Anonymous

"The temperature control for both the hob and ovens is impeccable."

I am thrilled with my new ILVE Roma. It looks stunning in our new kitchen and works perfectly. The temperature control for both the hob and ovens is impeccable- perfect for baking and frying. 
My favourite element though has to be the fry top. Such a wonderful addition.

- Anthony

"..the best meal we’ve ever cooked!"

We just wanted to say how happy we are with our new cooker!

We haven’t had a kitchen or cooker for four months and the first meal we cooked was a roast beef dinner using the rotisserie and it was the best meal we’ve ever cooked! 

We love everything about our cooker and we couldn’t fault the service from start to finish.

"I’m also loving the 80/40 split ovens."

I took delivery of my new ILVE 120 range cooker and 150 Traditional Hood on Wednesday this week.

It was fitted on Thursday, and I’m SO SO happy!


My old range (an ILVE marketed by Britannia) was 21 years old and had done brilliant service all that time.

I know the new one will be even better with it’s fry top and griddle plate.  I’m also loving the 80/40 split ovens (my old one was 90/30).

I can’t wait to start using it.

- Carole

"Delighted with my new Ilve range cooker, both the beauty of it and the range of cooking options."

Hi, I’m writing to let you know how delighted I am with my new Ilve range cooker, both the beauty of it and the range of cooking options. I’ve been without a range cooker for the last 5 years, having moved into a new build house, and have really missed it. I’ve been struggling with a small fan oven so will be great to getting back to making proper bread and cakes again, in my new Kitchen.
I can’t wait to try out all my tried and tested recipes and also some new ones. 

- Frank

"I really love the griddle, it makes me feel like a pro.."

What’s your favourite food to cook with your range cooker? I love to follow seasons, both in terms of produce and what really good at the moment, but also that when the autumn and winter comes knocking a superb Beouf Bourginon or a lasagna with a (patent pending) parmesan-panko crust is what you need! And during summer it tends to go more towards lighter meals, a lot of asian flavours and such.

What’s your favourite feature about your range cooker? I really love the griddle, it makes me feel like a pro and being in a "real" kitchen! But I also love the feature on the induction part of the stove were it almost send "pulse" waves, resulting in that it never gets burnt in the saucepan for instance. Hence I can really trust leaving things there and multitask more.

How long have you had it? About 4-5 months.
What’s your overall opinion on your ILVE range cooker? I think its simply brilliant, the best stove I have ever had the pleasure to cook on.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes!

- @MackanMakes

"It was worth every penny!"

It was worth every penny..

We used to have four kids at home, my husband’s two boys and Amanda and Alexander who are now 9 and 12. A big stove was must for us, we appreciate that there are four gas hobs, we just love the double oven – especially the larger convection oven.

We live about 20 minutes outside Stockholm city in Sweden, in a typical Swedish Falu red colored house with white trims. The kitchen was a sad sight when we moved in 7 years ago. We wanted a Nordic and spacious country kitchen with a big stove and lots of room to prepare and cook. The kitchen is  the heart of our house. I’m glad we prioritized it, so it was ready less than two months after we moved in. It was all planned around our Ilve range cooker, which is the absolutely most exclusive item in our kitchen which is mostly from IKEA.

It was worth every penny, though! We both love to cook and we use our Ilve range cooker every single day. While I love veggies, and only eat game and lamb very occasionally, I mostly make vegetarian dishes but also chicken and such for the kids. I love to bake and also do my own granola  and seed crisps and it’s great to be able to put in three baking plates at the same time. If you don’t have the patience to let your granola cook for 10 hours in 70 degrees, then you can turn the heat up and have it done in 45 minutes!

Patrick mainly cooks traditional meat, potato and sauce and he makes the most of the kitchen while he does prepare delicious dishes. When we have guests he uses both ovens and all four hobs!

Unfortunately, we don’t use the fry top much. I would recommend a range cooker for everyone that enjoys cooking and good food.