ILVE UK Star Column Cut Out

The Star Column

ILVE have released the new Star Column, a flexible way to customise 3 separate appliances into one stunning stainless steel column; ideal for forward thinking cooks. The brand-new appliance boasts numerous rare features to allow the consumer to prepare dishes like a gourmet chef. 

With three separate components, the Star Column provides a variety of cookery options including a slim-line Trio oven (which incorporates a multi -function oven, steam and microwave all-in -one), secondly a blast chiller and freezer, and finally a supreme vacuum-sealer, all in one compact pillar.

Cook, blast chill, steam, microwave and preserve

With a selection of cooking modes, this model includes the traditional convection bake, grill and microwave, but also delivers an additional steam setting plus combined programs that allow the user to set more than one program at once.

The intelligent blast chiller feature may be used to preserve, cook and store food. An ideal appliance for saving time and conserving energy. With rapid freezing, the blast chiller is perfect for preserving fresh produce, and increasing the shelf life to pre-made dishes. The blast-chiller also boasts a low temperature cooking option. Harnessing the inbuilt vacuum-sealer, these settings can be used to slow cook produce to maintain flavour, texture and nutritional value.

Removing 99% of air, and reducing the chance of bacteria growth, the vacuum-sealer is ideal for both cooking and preserving. With inbuilt features such as tenderising and marinating, these time saving extras are ideal for preparing produce rapidly whilst maintaining excellent results. 

To top off the column, a deep storage drawer for pan storage is included at the base of this stylishly professional stainless steel body. An added bonus for customers is, unlike other built in appliances, the column is a free standing unit so can go with you when you move.

3 Appliances in 1

ILVE UK Ultra Combi Oven Close Up

Ultra Combi Oven

Cook - Steam - Microwave

- Steam Function (between 40 - 100)

- Microwave Function 

- Grill Function

- Single or Combined Functions

- Temperature Probe 

- Touch Control Digital Display

ILVE UK Vacuum Sealer Close Up

Vacuum Sealer

Marinate - Tenderise - Seal

- Stainless Steel Body

- Vacuum Sealing Cavity (300mm x 360mm x 100mm) 

- Weight: 25 Kg

- Vacuum Pump: 4 m/h

- 4 Vacuum Sealer Settings

ILVE UK Blast Chiller Close Up

Blast Chiller

Preserve - Cook - Store

- 40 Litre Oven Capacity

- 3 Racks

- Internal Ventilation 

- Full Touch Control Digital Display 

- Blast Chill from the oven to the Refrigerator (4°) 

- Freeze from room temperature to - 20°

- Bottle Chilling Feature 

- Rising/Proofing

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