645SLZT4 60cm Roma Pizza Oven


ILVE's 60cm Roma Multifunction Pizza oven features ILVE's contemporary 'Roma' styling with crisp clean lines, modern stainless steel handles and knobs and a TFT touch control display. The 645SLZT4 works as a standard oven whilst mimicking a real pizza stove, meaning you can cook an authentic and delicious pizza is just over 2 minutes. But how?


Preheat the oven by switching on the pizza setting. Simply prepare your pizza base and add your favourite toppings. When the oven reaches a soaring height of 400 C, pop your pizza in. You could be sitting down with your favourite pizza in as little as two and a half minutes! The perfect oven for hosting a family pizza night.


The oven has an abundance of additional features. With TFT, you can easily programme the oven's additional 14 functions, set the timer and switch on the child lock. Setting the temperature of the oven is effortless due to ILVE's precision temperature control.


The oven has 37 litres of cooking space, with an internal light to illuminate the inside of the oven. The oven doors are soft-closing, full glass and quadruple-glazed.


The 645SLZT4 isn't just for the perfect pizza. Provided with the oven is an electronic cooking probe, meaning you can cook your meat at the perfect temperature too! With ILVE's new wet/dry setting you can reduce the amount of moisture within the oven by releasing water through the steam vent.


This is the perfect oven for pretty much anyone who loves pizza!

Cavity Features

Key Features

Oven Functions

15 Oven functions


Maximum Input  2.9 kW

Top electrical heating element

900 w 

Top electrical heating element

1300 w

Bottom electrical heating element

1600 w

Circular heating element

2000 w