Blast Chiller

Key Features

  • 40 Litre Oven Capacity
  • 3 Racks

  • Internal Ventilation 
  • Full Touch Control Digital Display 
  • Blast Chill from the oven to the Refrigerator (4°C) 
  • Freeze from room temperature to - 20°C
  • Bottle Chilling Feature 
  • Rising/Proofing
    Product Description 

    The intelligent blast chiller can be used to preserve, cook and store food. An ideal appliance for saving time and conserving energy. With rapid freezing, the blast chiller is perfect for preserving fresh produce and increasing the shelf life to pre-made dishes. The blast-chiller also boasts a low-temperature cooking option. Used alongside the built-in Vacuum-Sealer, these settings can be used to slow cook produce to maintain flavour, texture and nutritional value.


    • Max Energy Load: 300W

    • 596mm Wide

    • 455mm High

    • 550mm Depth

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