HCG75SCK 75cm Nero Gas Hob - 5 Burners

The HCG75SCK features ILVE's brand new 'Nero' styling with a beautiful gloss black hob in tempered glass, with a matt black knob finish.

The 75cm Nero gas hob features a powerful wok burner, one large burner, two small burners and a single simmer burner perfect for sauces. The burners have a continuously adjustable flame and integrated electric ignition.

      Gloss Black

      Genereal Features


      Maximum Minimum
      Auxiliary burner
      1 kW 
      0,45 kW
      Double ring burner
      1,8 kW
      Large burner
      3 kW 
      1 kW
      2 x Small burners
      1,75 kW 
      0,7 kW