NEW: 120cm Majestic Milano Coup De Feu Double Oven Dual Fuel Range Cooker


The Majestic Milano 120cm Coup de Feu range cooker combines a powerful ILVE multifunction oven, ILVE’s unique nanotechnology coated brass burner hob and a Coup de Feu plate positioned to the right of the hob top. The Coup de Feu allows you to easily adjust the heat intensity by simply moving your cookware around the surface of the plate, offering professional, French-Style cooking in the home. This popular model also features ILVEs innovative cooking E3 precision temperature control. The combination of professional features and advanced technologies creates the perfect range cooker for those passionate about cooking.


Design Features

The Majestic Milano is characterised by a heavy-duty, American style depth and width coupled with traditional Italian flair and heritage styling.  The Majestic Milano has ornate handles and control knobs with matching trim surrounding the oven doors which projects grandeur and sophistication.


Oven Functions

The Majestic Milano 120cm Coup de Feu range cooker has a wide choice of 15 oven functions including quick start rapid heat up that heats to 200 degrees in 6 minutes and a pizza setting that recreates a traditional pizza furnace at 300 degrees. The right-hand oven has a capacity of 43 litres and the main left-hand oven has a capacity of 97 litres. The main oven can be controlled from 30 degrees up to 300 degrees. Both ovens include specially designed rotisserie, perfect for cooking joints of meat.

The baking setting uses a circular fan element to distribute heat evenly. With the new steam discharge vent, you can control the humidity of the oven by eliminating condensation when cooking a high water-based dish like a stew or by retaining the moisture when baking bread. The oven includes an easy clean enamel oven lining and two dual-height halogen lighting for perfect visual control. All ILVE range cookers are A+ rated for energy efficiency.

The right-hand oven features a specially designed rotisserie, perfect for cooking joints of meat. The continuously turning spit allows the meat to self-baste and ensures minimal mess.

Hob Details

The Majestic Milano 120cm Coup de Feu range cooker combines high quality solid brass burners featuring easy-clean black nanotechnology coating and cast-iron individual pan supports with a French-style Coup de Feu plate with multiple rings of varying heat: 1x 5kW dual  burner, 2x 3kW medium burners, 1x 1.8kW small burner, 1x 3.1kW fish burner and a 3kW coup de feu. 

Safety Features

ILVE’s cookers are designed to ensure the safety of its users, including a fascia fan to keep the controls cool. The oven doors are cool touch with triple glazed glass and the burners feature a flame safety decide to shut off gas if the flame goes out. Finally, every ILVE cooker features a child safety lock, perfect for young families.


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