Pull-Out Telescopic Runners


ILVE's pull-out telescopic runners include a pair of lateral rails which pull out completely. They are designed to ensure increased safety when moving the baking pans and trays inside the oven. The telescopic runners allow the oven trays to pull-out at the touch of a finger and can support the weight of heavy casserole dishes and roasting trays. 
The sliding tray kit is easily fixed between existing oven trays, which allows the cooker to have 5 oven trays at any one time. The


The telescopic runner kit is comprised of a pairs of sliding trays running on ball bearings to easily remove and position baking pans. The runners can be used on the 1st, 2nd and 4th level from the bottom.

*Please note the telescopic runners can be used with all models except for the 600CE3 and 900CE3.

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