Ultra Combi Oven

Key Features

  • Hot Air / Steam / Microwave / Grill
  • Temperature ranging from 30°C to 250°C adjusted in 5°C 
  • Steam Function (between 40 -100°C) increased by 1°C 
  • Microwave: 270W to 1000W
  • Single and Combined Functions 
  • Temperature Probe 
  • TFT Display 
  • 36 Litre Oven Cavity 
  • Two Speed Cooling fan 
  • Triple Glazed Door 
    Product Description 

    Professional, functional and compact, this brand new oven offers three cooking methods in a single oven. Using technology usually reserved for the commercial market, the oven offers an innovative combination mode allowing the user to mix methods: steam, microwave and conventional oven cooking together. Delivering nine specialist cooking programs, the user can cook in ways normally reserved for professional chefs.


    • Max Load - Microwave W: 1600

    • Max Load - Electric Grill W: 1900

    • Max Load - Circular Grill W: 1600

    • Max Load - Steam Boiler W: 1200

    • 596mm Wide

    • 455mm High

    • 570mm Depth

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